Action Plan For Continued Growth

Action Plan For Continued Growth

Write a 2–3 page paper in which you:

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Action Plan For Continued Growth
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  • Examine relevant organizations and key issues in education that will be beneficial to you as you continue to work in your future career.
  • Select at least two of the professional organizations, grant opportunities, and/or virtual learning communities that you have researched, and analyze the manner in which you would utilize the organizations you selected to support your continued professional development.



  • Predict at least three issues that you believe will be of particular significance within the next decade, or choose three remaining questions that you ponder which relate to both the theme of your portfolio and your current or prospective work environment.
  • Select one of the issues or questions you identified in relation to your theme and work environment, and construct an annotated bibliography of at least five print and non-print resources to consult in the future.


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