Acquisition Strategy

Step 1

write a brief 1–2 page acquisition strategy summary. This should outline the acquisition strategy you want to use for our cell phone purchase and provide background on your choice.

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Acquisition Strategy
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Please review this  example digital device purchase  document. Consider the following questions:

· What can you learn from the example device purchase?

· Did the schedule for the product acquisition support a successful delivery?

· How could the budget of this purchase be negotiated and improved for a better deal?

Consider the needs for the department’s cell phone purchase. Think thoroughly about the acquisition strategy that best fits the purchase and CTI as a government organization.

As you write your acquisition strategy summary, apply the FAR guidelines to the purchase. Include the following:

· What acquisition strategy do you propose for the cell phone purchase and why?

· What FAR regulations will assist you in the purchase?

· How do FAR regulations affect the acquisition plan objectives?



Step 2

After your discussion with your colleagues, you are ready to draft the Objectives section for the acquisition plan. Bearing in mind all that you have learned about acquisition objectives, acquisition strategies and the role of leadership, begin to fill out the  acquisition plan template . You’ll want to revisit CTI’s  cost summary  and take the intended budget into account, as well as how the objectives you choose align to Robyn’s requirements for the cell phone acquisition. Include any relevant document history in the Document History section of the plan, as well as these three main elements of the Objectives section:

· Statement of need

· Introduce your plan by explaining what the need is and justifying how this need calls for the chosen acquisition strategy.

· Applicable conditions

· Describe the conditions that must be met for the acquisition to address the stated need, including constraints on the acquisition such as cost, urgency, and compatibility with existing processes or technology.

· Delivery requirements

· Establish requirements for the delivery period of the acquisition, including the ideal schedule, and proposing methods for meeting those requirements.

The later sections of the template should remain blank for now. Once you have finished your draft of the Objectives section, please submit it for review and feedback.


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