Achieve Personal Success

• “What Is Human Relations?”. Understanding how personality, attitudes, self-esteem, and

perception impact human relations. How we are, how we behave, and our belief systems all impact

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Achieve Personal Success
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how we view ourselves and others.

• “Achieve Personal Success”. Understanding the components to personal success, such as

goal setting and emotional intelligence skills. Being able to achieve personal success is the first step in

attaining career success.

•  “Manage Your Stress”. Managing stress and understanding how too much stress can

negatively impact our human relations.

• “Communicate Effectively”. Communication abilities. Everything we do at work and in our

personal lives involves communication. Understanding how to communicate effectively is the

cornerstone of positive human relations.

• “Be Ethical at Work”. Ethical decision making is necessary because ethical decisions must

be made all the time in our personal and work lives. Understanding how to make an ethical decision

can help us become better employees and human beings.



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