Accreditation Plan Table

Accreditation Plan Table—for profit inpatient hospice facility.

One way an organization communicates with its constituents is by its accreditation. Your department head knows that you are in a graduate program and has asked you to assist the department head that works with accreditation and licensure in your facility. She has asked you to develop an initial plan to gain accreditation for a new facility that your organization is opening. Choose one accreditation that is appropriate for the facility. Write an introductory paragraph then follow it with the initial plan in table format and should include:

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Accreditation Plan Table
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1. One type of accreditation needed for the facility and in 2-3 sentences, why it is needed for the facility—- the facility that I would like to focus on for this assignment is Medicare and Medicaid approval for an inpatient hospice facility.

2. Estimate the amount of time it will take for the new facility to attain accreditation.

3. What resources are needed. Provide example and why each resource is needed.

4. Estimate direct costs for accreditation. Provide a business plan.

5. Estimate the financial impact on revenue if not earning accreditation.

For example:

Type of Accreditation Time Needed Resources Required Direct Costs for Accreditation Financial impact if Accreditation not Earned

Provide a paragraph under the table with conclusions and any potential limitation of this accreditation.


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