Accounting for Merchandising Businesses

1. You are an accounting student at College and will not graduate for another year. But because of your excellent grades so far, you have been able to land a job in the purchasing department of a retailer. One of the purchasing agents in your company is negotiating for the receipt of a very large order of uninsured goods from a supplier. The purchasing agent is able to get a better deal on the goods if they are shipped FOB shipping point rather than FOB destination. The agent doesn’t know the difference between these two concepts. He also doesn’t understand why choosing one over the other should make any difference to the company. As a student of accounting at Berkeley College, you know well the difference between these 2 concepts and you know why one would be a better choice over the other in the case of uninsured goods. Please explain these two concepts in this discussion and tell the purchasing agent which shipping method is preferable and why. In addition to your response, please comment to at least one classmate’s post including information from Chapter 6 in your eText.

2. Explain the difference between the Perpetual and Periodic inventory systems and let us know why anyone would use Periodic inventory in this computerized age.

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Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
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