Getting from Here to There In this phase, specific actions are undertaken to advance the implementation of the desired changes. Several planning tools can be used. If the general manager in the hotel case decided that the issue to be tackled is computer systems, then the implementation plan and actions might include the following steps:

Discuss the need for change, the gap analysis, and the vision for change with involved staff to develop a consensus concerning the need for action. Form a users’ task force to develop the desired outcomes and usability framework for a new computer system. Contact internal information systems specialists for advice and assistance on improving the hotel’s information system. Identify the costs of systems changes and decide which budget to draw on and/or how to fund the needed systems’ changes. Work with the purchasing department to submit a “request for proposal,” promoting systems’ suppliers to bid on the proposed system. Contact human resources to begin staffing and training plans. Implement the plans.

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This list of sample tasks lays out the actions needed to accomplish the change. In Chapter 9, we identify tools that help in planning. For example, there are tools to assign responsibilities for different aspects of projects and others for contingency plans. Other tools illustrate how to manage during the transition. Organizations usually don’t stop what they are doing because they are changing! In the hotel, for example, rooms will need to be made up, allocated, and assigned while the information system is being modified. In particular, receptionists will need to ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new system. In many system changes, parallel systems are run until the bugs in the new system are found and corrected. Hotel receptionists need to be trained on the new system. How and when that will be done in this implementation phase is part of the managerial challenge during the transition state.


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