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Write 600 words and also write power point slides with min 2-3 peer reviewed references

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Academic Journal Article Review
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Please read the Powerpoint 7 and 8 and write the the doc and powerpoint presentation.

You have not reviewed an article.  You need to select an article on the topic of organizational leadership and review it using a PowerPoint presentation.


Please focus on one article on topic of organizational leadership and review it using a PowerPoint presentation.

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This is leadership case study based on the life of Rebecca S. Halstead. She rose to high ranks in army, despite being in an industry not very open to women. She eventually retired and founded her own leadership development company (Groysberg & Bell, 2011). It contains accounts from her personal life which reflect how even under hostile conditions one can survive, build, create and co-create an effective organizational environment. She shares how she was surrounded by people so different from her yet she was constantly encouraged and motivated by her parents to give it a shot and not quit before trying. Her academy, West Point was hard, physically, emotionally and academically. I was singled out in this case because I was a woman. Yet she excel.

She has shared the following key leadership tips. Don’t quit- No matter what, give everything you take on a fair try. Position your highest when you are on your laps. Conduct AAR (After-Action Reviews). she began conducting day-to-day after-action appraisals; we named them AARs. she would encounter in her workplace at the culmination of the daylight with the management, and she would keep this to a short time, because it was after-hours, so it would be thirty minutes.

Rebecca had self-awareness. Overhaul for individuals round you. Halstead has continuously engaged into justification the distinct private life selections of her Militaries. She was capable to enter unfathomable than just the Combatant; she as well departed down to the family, and certainly got to recognize the Legionnaires’ relatives, where the children went to institute, what ranking they were in, what schools they attended. She took run-of-the-mill in the process of knowing her Armed forces.

She perceived the five personality traits. Support and assist individuals around your surroundings. Assisting other people to attain their goals and are portion of the superior achievement, the better virtuous, is mutually individually and workwise gratifying. Our philosophy is still so very conventional that it is going to take a extended period to alter. And I contemplate the manner we ought to transform it’s being gutsy sufficient—deprived of commencing with their battlements, or querulous or peevish. An immense fragment of this ethos transformation is to number out novel methods to present the delinquent, and a resolution, so that you do not inevitably put a self-justifying partition amidst individuals.

Be optimistic. Her colleagues scrap: Becky is always optimistic. That is perhaps her greatest strong point. Becky has a confident, considerate elegance. She overhauls about persons a lot. This woman amicable, friendly, likewise preemptively and theoretically capable. She is just well-versed. She is the generous individual that you just need to be near her. And she’s the kind of person that finds goodness in everyone (Renzi, 2019). She is the sort of trailblazer that makes you sense good of who you are. She’s a performer, and takes upkeep of her individuals well.

Make an enduring impression. There’re a unabridged lot of Militaries in the Military who are still a likeness of her headship. So, she is always creating an impression in the Defense force to date. Halstead alleged intensely in altruistic provision to other people, no matter in the secluded or civic subdivision, and in the aptitude of virtuous leadership to generate a modification for persons, establishments and societies.


Finally, she discussions, “If one really understand publics and recognize their emotions, then I think you have a much more capability to guide and impact and figure victory, whether independently or for the society. Leadership is the combination of emotion and cognizance, in altruistic accomplishment, for the advancement of others, to efficiently achieve the assignment, and to make a change.



Groysberg, B., & Bell, D. (2011). Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership. Harvard Business School Organizational Behavior Unit Case, (411-050).

Renzi, K. L. (2019). An Ethic of Innocence: Pragmatism, Modernity, and Women’s Choice Not to Know.


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