Abundance of Influences, Changes, and Landmarks

Next, as there was an abundance of influences, changes, and landmarks that lead to the significance and discovery of mental health. Perhaps the one most notable for its breakthrough to the Mental Health Parity Compliance Act was the change in 1996. This act was huge in the context of changes made to the Mental Health Compliance Act of 2019. The Mental Health Parity Act is legislation signed by the United States government that requires annual or lifetime dollar limits on mental health benefits to be no lower than such dollars on medical or surgical benefits offered by group health plans or insurance offered by group health plans. This sparked a highlighted change within mental health awareness. Prior to the Mental Health Parity Act, insurance companies were not required by law to cover mental health care, so the treatment was always limited. Mental health was beginning to be more noticeable to the eye of the public but even more equal medical problems in regard to value. This was an important changing process in policy change, or specifically insurance change in mental health because it brought upon a general understanding and awareness that mental health did not hold the same weight as medical health did in the past in the context of illnesses. As a result, having unfair and unproportionate consequences. It is important to note that the Mental Health Parity Act did not mandate coverage for mental health treatment, rather, it only applied to group health plans that offered mental health benefits. However, this law was another powerful sense of change in the right direction for mental health, and its implications for the Mental Health Parity Compliance Act.

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Abundance of Influences, Changes, and Landmarks
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