Abnormal Functioning

Kiri is a 15-year old Korean American female, who, according to her BMI is slightly overweight but has no other health issues. She is a straight A student and is a soccer player. Since she could remember, Kiri was always poked fun by her family, especially by an aunt and a cousin, for being “fat.” Although Kiri had dismissed their jokes as “just something a family would do,” Kiri feels pressured. For the last year, whenever Kiri feels upset over something her aunt or cousin has said about her weight, she would buy junk food (e.g., 3 large bags of potato chips, 2 bags of candies, and personal pizza), lock herself in her room, and quickly devour the food she bought. She would engage in this behavior on a weekly basis or depending how often her aunt or cousin poke fun of her. After eating, Kiri would feel guilty for letting others get to her and ashamed for engaging in such behavior.Based on this vignette, which diagnosis does Kiri most closely exhibit? How did you come to this conclusion?Choose two models (biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural), if you were Mrs. Chang’s clinician, how would you explain her abnormal functioning? How would you treat her? Make sure to base your answers on the two models you chose

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Abnormal Functioning
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