A Typical Daily Rhythm

A typical morning session in a kindergarten with a mixed age range of three to rising seven might proceed as follows. The children arrive, hang up their coats and change into their indoor shoes or slippers. They come into the kindergarten room where the adults are already laying out the painting things. Some children see the familiar activity being prepared, put on their paint- ing aprons and begin to help. When the table is all set for painting, they sit down to paint, as does at least one of the adults. When each child comes to a conclusion with their painting, he or she takes it to an adult, who will make sure that it is labelled with the child’s name, and then the child will put it safely to dry and tidy up the painting things that have been used before going off for indoor play. As this is how the painting activity is conducted every week, there is no overt instruction needed.

Other children may have, of their own initiative, gone straight into playing on their arrival. They may be attracted by the painting session later when it is well under way and come to put on an apron and join in. Some children may be so busy with their play that the painting activity passes them by. The practitioner may choose to call the older children to come and paint while leaving the younger ones free to play. They will certainly be attracted to join in at some time, when they are quite ready in themselves.

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A Typical Daily Rhythm
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