A Trip to Grannys Farm

A Trip to Grannys Farm

Developing Characters

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A Trip to Grannys Farm
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Complete the following about your protagonist.

1. State the name and age of your character.

2. Describe your character’s appearance.

3. Describe your character’s speech and behavior.

4. Describe your character’s thoughts and feelings.

5. Describe the other characters’ reactions to the character.

Developing Characters

Answer the following questions about your protagonist.

1. What is his or her family like?

2. What is one of his or her bad or annoying habits?

3. What are his or her dreams and hopes? Has he fulfilled those dreams?

4. What are his or her greatest fears?

5. What is his or her best quality?

6. What is his or her worst quality?

7. What is a misconception (a wrong idea) he or she has about himself or herself?

8. Where does he or she live? Describe it fully.

9. What or who is most important to him or her?

10. What is the most terrible thing that has happened to him or her?

11. What is the situation in which his or her moral character has been tested? How did he or she respond?


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