A Project for the Graphing Calculator 1st Quarter – Pre-Calculus

It is time to show your artistic talent!  Write up to ten equations that when graphed on your calculator will produce a picture.  You must use a minimum of three distinct equations.  For example, a target with circles of three different sizes is considered one equation.  (The radius is the only thing changing.)


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A Project for the Graphing Calculator 1st Quarter – Pre-Calculus
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You may use Function Mode only (Y =).  You may not use the draw feature of the calculator or Parametric Mode.


Once you have a picture created to your satisfaction use the computer and graph link to print out your artwork.  Enlarge it to 200-250% so that it will be about ½ page.


If you need to print your graph at school, it needs to be done by ____________________. 


Write out your equations and the window that you used.  For each equation identify the part of the graph that it draws.  Add color and a title to your artwork.


Type a paragraph describing your picture.  Tell how the title relates to the picture.

Include an explanation of your procedure, any problems encountered, and what you learned from this project.

Your Project is due on ____________________________________

  • Projects are due at the beginning of the class period, even if you are absent from school.
  • Late projects will be accepted up to one day after the due date for half credit.



Items to turn in:

  1. Your art work complete with color and a title
  2. The equations you used (at least 3 different types of equations)
  3. Each equation identified with what part of the picture it draws
  4. The window you used
  5. Paragraph typed
    • Describe the picture
    • Tell how the title ties in to your picture
    • Explain the process of how you made your picture
    • Tell what problems you came across
    • Share what you learned


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