A Copycat Criminal

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A copycat criminal is a criminal act that is designed according to or enlivened by a past crime that was committed and that has been accounted for in the media or distributed in fiction. Hardly any copycat crimes are definite copies of the occasion that enlivened them. All things considered, the imitator lifts and duplicates specific components like inspiration, strategy, setting, and so on from the first crime that was committed. Grand Theft Auto is a perfect place to get some copycat crime ideas from. Grand Theft Auto is a game that without a doubt has so much violence in it. The video game is played in an open ended world that allows players the freedom to do whatever it is that they want in whatever way they see fit. As of late, the video game has gotten hammered in the traditional press because of lawbreakers referring to Grand Theft Auto as an inspiration and excuse for their conduct. I have played the game myself and it is very fun. You can do things that are illegal in reality and get away with it and if you don’t get away with it you just try again with no real consequences.  Video games is meant only for entertainment purposes but some people enjoy it so much that they get inspired to act the same way they do in the game. They seek that same adrenaline they feel while playing the game but in real life there are consequences to these actions and people can get seriously hurt. That is where the cathartic effect comes into play when talking about the game Grand Theft Auto and tying it to people being inspired by it to commit crimes. A catharsis is an emotional release and at a certain point, it feels as if there is so much emotion and turmoil that it becomes overwhelming.

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A Copycat Criminal
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