2D Shapes

This project is for identifying 2D shapes such as circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and pentagons in the real world. That means that if a photo is analyzed by the algorithm, it should identify and label the shape. However, based on how basic it is, custom applications and existing methods cannot be used. The algorithm must be written from scratch rather than using an existing open-source algorithm. Please include comments for each line of code. Please see project proposal attached.


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2D Shapes
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This project is being designed as a computer vision algorithm that will be used to identify 2D mathematical shapes such as circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and pentagons. This will allow middle/high school students to explore 2D shapes in the real-world, as the project evolves. The algorithm would first need to be trained to identify the 2D shapes and then it will be tested on a real-world video/picture in future projects to see how many of the shapes can be identified. Once the shape has been identified, the algorithm will automatically label the shape. This algorithm can be challenging because object detection is still a challenging field for computer vision. Most computer applications can identify objects but cannot correctly label all objects. In the real-world, multiple objects are jumbled together which can make identifying objects difficult. Object detection can simply start from a single object but once the algorithm is designed to detect multiple objects, it becomes difficult since objects in the real-world may differ by edge and surface which can make object detection difficult. Nonetheless, this project aims to accurately identify 2D shapes correctly.


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