200 kg refrigerator

Start the simulation. Double-click on Acceleration to get started.

Adjust the Applied Force by moving the slider bar (which is at the center bottom of the main window) left or right. Release the slider to stop applying a force on the object. You can also adjust the Applied Force in increments of 50 Newtons by clicking on the left and right arrows above the slider bar. Apply a force on the crate and watch the resulting motion.

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200 kg refrigerator
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Feel free to play around with the simulation and investigate what happens when you click on either the figure or the object, while they are in motion. When you are done, hit reset (round button with a circular arrow, to the right) and set Friction to None prior to beginning Step-1. Make sure that Forces, Sum of Forces, Values, Masses, Speed, and Acceleration are all selected.


Step-1: Choose the 200 kg refrigerator. Set the applied force to 400 N (to the right). Be sure friction is turned off.

Question-5: What is the net force acting on the refrigerator?

Question-6: What is the acceleration of the refrigerator 4 s after the person begins pushing on it with a force of 400 N?

Question-7: What is the acceleration of the refrigerator 30 s after the person begins pushing on it with a force of 400 N?

Question-8: What can you say about the speed of the refrigerator? Does it remain constant, decrease or increase?

Step-2: Adjust the mass of the refrigerator by stacking different objects on top of it.

Question-9: If the mass of the refrigerator is increased (with the Applied Force held constant), what happens to the acceleration?

Step-3: Click the reset button and adjust the Friction back to None. With the 50kg crate selected, use the slider to apply a force of about 100N. After 3 s have elapsed, release the slider so that the Applied Force is now zero, and the figure is standing still.

Question-10: What happens to the crate after the Applied Force (force exerted) goes to zero?

Step-4: Click on the crate to bring it to a stop, then replace it with the refrigerator. Use the slider to apply a force of about 400 N. After 2 s have elapsed in the simulation, decrease the Applied Force (force exerted) slowly back to zero. Try to do this adjustment in roughly 2 s.

Question-11: While the Applied Force (force exerted) is decreasing, the velocity is ____________.

Explain your observation in few sentences.

Step-5: Click on the reset button, and stack one 50kg. crate on top of the other, so that the total mass is 100kg. The Friction should be set to halfway between None and Lots. Adjust the Applied Force (force exerted) slowly and determine when the crates begin accelerating.

Question-12: What is the minimum force that must be exerted on the crates so that they accelerate?

Question-13: If the Applied Force (force exerted) on both crates with the current Friction setting is 350N, the acceleration is ____________.

Step-6: Click the reset button, and set the Applied Force (force exerted) to 350 N. After about 3 s, set the Applied Force back to zero.

Question-14: After the applied force (force exerted) is turned off, what happens to the crate?


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